The DVD package contains the feature-length movie (98 minutes), on a single one sided, dual layered DVD-9 disc. The DVD is produced in the NTSC format. Viewers outside North America should confirm their DVD players can play back an NTSC (All Regions or Region 0) format DVD. Most can.


In addition to the feature film, the DVD contains an informative and highly engaging selection of bonus materials, including:

Winning Run.  The bonus materials include the Gold Medal championship run in its entirety (22 minutes), with three alternate audio choices over the length of the run.  By listening to three different perspectives of the same championship caliber run, each offering a different element to the audience, viewers gain a sophisticated and nuanced understanding of the sport.

–     Audio #1 – as the audience experienced it, as if you were in the stands, with the P.A. announcer’s insightful commentary;

–     Audio #2 – with the judge’s commentary, including a discussion of the rules and actual run scoring; and

–     Audio #3 – the winning handler’s perspective and commentary.

Young Dog Training.  Amanda Milliken, 4-time Canadian National Sheepdog Champion, demonstrates how she and many other handlers begin to train their young herding dogs on sheep (13 minutes).

Movie Trailer.  The promotional trailer assembled for the movie (2 minutes).


Studio                      Independent

Rating                       Not Rated

Format                     NTSC

Region                      All Regions / Region 0

Running Time         98 minutes

Sound                       5.1 Dolby Digital Surround

Aspect Ratio            1.78:1

Year                           2012