Director’s Statement

I am a hard core dog lover.

Being drawn to “all things dog”, I first attended the Soldier Hollow Classic Sheepdog Championship several years ago as a spectator.  Having never heard of a sheepdog trial, I had no idea what to expect at the event.  From the very first outrun (when the dog sprints away from the handler at the post to take control of the distant flock of sheep) I was hooked.  The dogs’ extraordinary instincts, intelligence, athletic abilities, training, and control are, to me, mesmerizing.
Where the sport has been promoted, it has found an audience.  The BBC has run its highly popular One Man and His Dog program in the British Isles since 1979, where it enjoys an audience in the millions.  The Soldier Hollow Classic itself has grown over the years, and now attracts an audience in excess of 25,000 spectators to the event each September — a remarkable achievement in a state with a population as low as Utah’s.

The special bond between Man and Dog has been in place for at least 15,000 years.  Whether as a working partner, a sporting partner, a pet, or any combination thereof, there’s a reason why the dog has stood the test of time as “man’s best friend”.  We are excited at the chance to bring the extraordinary relationships between the handlers and their dogs and the excitement and motion of the competition to life for you.

Mr. Hadra attended the University of Southern California (USC) School of Cinematic Arts.



Andrew graduated from the Notre Dame University in Beirut, Lebanon with an undergraduate degree in film.  Since graduation, he has enjoyed a broad spectrum of responsibility behind the camera, having worked for several years as a video editor, promotion producer, TV producer and post production supervisor for a locally produced sociopolitical show.  His career includes several years working for the Lebanese Broadcasting Company (LBC) and Future News TV, two of the Middle East’s premiere and most diverse media companies, whose programming is broadcast across the region.Beyond a deep interest in documentary film, Andrew is also passionate about narrative/fiction storytelling.  He fluently speaks three languages — English, French and Arabic — and in addition to having an artist’s eye for the visual image,  Andrew also has a musician’s ear for music.  He is a classicly trained pianist, having studied and trained for 19 years.

Andrew currently resides in Los Angeles and has a Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) degree from the University of Southern California (USC) School of Cinematic Arts.



Through his company Cinemawerks, Associate Producer Nicolaas Bertelsen produces entertaining and award winning moving pictures, including 8 films that have appeared in over 30 film festivals.  With talents beyond only production, his most recent accolades include an award for best feature screenplay (Omaha Film Festival) for a feature script that he wrote, best comedy short film (Academy of Arts and Sciences Foundation) for a film he produced, and the David Lynch Foundation Television Creativity Award for yet another film that he both produced and directed.

Nicolaas has a Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Film and Television Production from USC’s prestigious School of Cinematic Arts.